Commercial Real Estate challenges might prevent you from getting the best out of a deal. These may put the deal at risk or potentially cost you a lot of money if not properly addressed beforehand.

Below mentioned are some of the most common legal problems that can arise during a commercial real estate transaction:-

Legal issues regarding commercial property insurance

Disputes about commercial property insurance coverage are legal issues that often arise in commercial real estate. It is to the benefit of an insurance company to pay as little as possible.

One dispute that occurs is over the amount an insurer is willing to pay for an item. Another type of disagreement is over the meaning of a fixture. Generally, that would mean any kind of equipment that can’t easily be removed from the building’s premises. But, insurers have contended that it refers only to lighting or plumbing fixtures, and not built in machinery.

Lastly, there are certain events, such as natural disasters that can cause immense damage to a commercial property but aren’t covered by insurance.

An ideal way to make sure you are not hit by an unexpected loss is to seek the help of Legal Consultant Services NJ. This would help verify any contract with the insurance company before you sign an agreement.

The Assumption of Liability

It is essential to ensure that upon purchasing a property, you do not become liable for any legal violations which existed due to environmental hazards, caused by the last owner.

Since, not only would this leave you legally liable for any damage, but, it would also mean you are responsible for removing the hazard. Also, restoring the investment property to environmentally safe levels.

 Zoning and Land Use Concerns

Considering other uses for an investment property is one way to build equity. Yet, a Real Estate Attorney of Legal Consultant Services Essex needs to make sure there are zoning or land use rules or exceptions that might prevent you from capitalizing on higher. An Attorney is also needed for addressing planning boards, applying for permits etc.

Reps and Warranties

Reps or representation is a statement of a fact used when entering into a contract. A warranty, on the other hand, is a promise that something is correct.

Normally, sellers aim for adding as few reps and warranties as possible. However, buyers prefer to use them to limit their risk. Conflict arises when one of the reps or warranties proves to be wrong.

Legal Consultant Services NJ Help for Any Legal Real Estate Matter

These services can help you deal with all your real estate legal problems. In addition to representing buyers and sellers, they advise and represent lenders and loan servicers in real estate transactions and disputes.


The Lawyers of Legal Consultant Services Essex have years of experience representing clients with a full range of legal issues involving residential and commercial properties. You may certainly utilize their sevices to deal with such issues.

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